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Region: Heathcote,  Victoria, Australia

Variety: Shiraz
Vintage: 2020

Heathcote wine region is located north of the Great Dividing Range and is elevated between 160m and 380m. The majority of the soil the vines are grown in is known as Cambrian, red in colour and deep. The soil being as deep as it is has the excellent attribute of water retention. The calcium-rich soil has been produced by weathered “greenstone” allowing the soil to drain freely however retaining enough water to facilitate the vines through the growing season. With this quality there is rarely a need to irrigate the vines.

Small and concentrate grapes are the result, which intern creates a rich and concentrated wine. Some wineries do not irrigate for this reason, aiming for small fruit that is intestinally rich in flavour. The region’s rainfall is evenly spread across the seasons. Cooling winds from the south keep the climate temperate.

Heathcote wines are know for their deep dark depth of colour and the complexity of their fruits. Voluptuous and well balanced wines from the area have melded the acidity and tannins in a way to not dominate the fruit and allowing the wines to be cellared (aged) for many years. While the winemakers ability to produce wines of this caliber a lot of the responsibility falls to the “terroir” (made up of the climate, soil, terrain and tradition), of Heathcote to produce some of the countries best wines.

The Old Red Brick Shiraz is exactly that, old red brick. Deep redy-purple in colour and perfectly balanced fruit and tannins. A bold red wine that has the ability to finish dry enough that you can almost feel and taste the red dirt from where the grapes are grown.


Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Australia

Variety: NV Brut

Adelaide Hills region is East of Adelaide about 20 minutes. The terrain is as diverse as the wines as you climb up and down the twisting and steep roads of the Adelaide Hills. These winding roads follow the ridges of steep hillsides and cliffs which create different micro-climates in each. The area, while only still young in comparison is acclaimed for its cool climate classics, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The terrain is a mixutre of grey-brown or brown loamy sands with patches of sandy soils over  a clay sub-soil.

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are the two most common grapes used to create sparkling wines. The region is elevated between 149m to 714m giving the area the ideal conditions for acid retention in the fruits, from this the winemakers hone their crafts to make subtle and crisp wines. The highly elevated vineyards remain cooler and wetter to the lower. During the summer the area is cool and dry and during the winter and spring is likely to see all its rainfall.

The Old Red Brick Sparkling showcases these attributes from the area, with a fine bubble which works beautifully in a glass with a crisp clean fruit flavou to begin and finishing dry.


Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

Variety: Rose
Vintage: 20202

A small pocket at the bottom of Australia lies the Mornington Peninsula. Only an hour from Melbourne this weekend getaway location has become a hopspot for Australian food and wine. The Bass Strait laps at three of the four sides creating spectacular ocean views and rolling green pastures.

The region having a maritime climate and location in very south of Australia is a cooler climate compared with most regions in Australia. During the growing months there is often wind and rain flowing off the Bass Strait. This cool, crisp, salty wind and rain has a large impact to the grapes, slightly altering the chemical make up of the fruit. This chemical make up of the fruit is also influencent by the volanic and sandy soil that makes up the Mornington Peninsula region. All these factures help the fruit to retain acidity through growth.

The Old Red Brick Rose showcases some of these features from the region. A crisp and clean wine, pale pinky-orange in colour, with a dry finish. A little bit of acidity at first which does not lingure long.


King Valley, Victoria, Australia

Pinot Grigio
Vintage: 20202

In the North East of Victoria lies the King Valley, at the foothills of the Apline National Park, surrounded by mountains, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. The land was once used for tobacco farming, when the demands for grapes grow, saw the fall of tobacco crops and a surge in grapes. The area is rich in Italian culture and this can been seen in the styles of wines that King Valley has become known for, the likes of Prosecco, Pinot Grigio & Sangiovese to name a few. 

Most of the King Valley vineyards are north to north east facing on relatively gentle slopes. The soil is deep red clay loam and in certain areas a grey or brown in colour retaining the same structure. King Valley also has recognition of the highest altitude vineyards within Australia, rising from 155m to 860m.

The Old Red Brick Pinot Griogio boasts fresh fruit aromas of citrus and pears with a crisp clean finish due to the cool climate fruit. A subtle fruit mouthful to start leaving a clean refreshed mouth feel to the end.


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